Services: Profile Capital


Profile Capital, LLC offers a superior level of expertise in the investment/consulting services that are available to clients.

Access to real estate investment opportunities across New England:

  • Sole Ownership Investment Programs
  • Real Estate Syndication Programs
  • Tenant In Common Investment Programs (TIC's)
  • Access to sources of Capital and Financing
  • Purchase and/or liquidation of distressed real estate holdings

Due-diligence, investment and market analysis:

  • Detailed Property-specific financial analysis including detailed Return on Asset evaluation
  • Industry-specific analysis and reporting
  • Market analysis and reporting
  • Preparation and analysis of Comprehensive Commercial Property Offerings

Personalized and attentive customer service:

  • Individually tailored, long-term and short-term real estate investment goals plans (IREIG)
  • Section 1031 Exchange Solutions
  • Professional (discreet) personal owner representation
  • Preparation of property specific business plans

Competitive Edge

Profile Capital will consider properties and/or projects in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts. Our goal is to acquire "Off Market" assets on a risk adjusted basis.

Individually controlled real estate investment properties

Profile Financial Services, LLC will facilitate the partnering of like-minded investors to participate in real estate investments uncovered or promoted by the Profile Group. The specific investment structure will be put together by Profile for specific fees outlined in their Facilitator Agreement. Among other characteristics, it will include the pairing of investors based on common risk profiles, investment goals and other common qualities. Deals will be structured to be managed specifically by the investors, for the investors. Profile might be contracted to provide ancillary services and/or advice in addition to the initial configuration, but it will be established that all management would reside with the initial investors/partners. It is possible that Profile may be a party to one of these structured investments, but management involvement would be equal to, and not any greater than, that of any other investors.

Real Estate Syndication Programs

Available to qualified investors, these will be comprised of any number of formal structured ownership models including corporations, limited liability companies or limited partnerships. Generally, Profile Capital, LLC would be the Asset Manager, and the formal type of ownership would be dictated by the specific investment and tax considerations for the actual group of investors. The investment property would be approved by the group prior to purchase, with a written prepared investment strategy to be implemented by the Asset Manager. The investment strategy would also include a private placement memorandum which would outline all of the parties' expectations and responsibilities, as well as all compensation and costs associated with the transaction.

Tenant In Common Investment Programs (TIC's)

The acronym "TIC", which stands for tenancy-in-common and tenants-in-common, refers to arrangements under which two or more people co-own a parcel of real estate without a "right of survivorship". This type of co-ownership allows each co-owner to choose who will inherit his/her ownership interest upon death. By contrast, the type of co-ownership called "joint tenancy" requires that each co-owner's interest pass to the other co-owners upon death. The broader terms "fractional ownership", "shared ownership, and "co-ownership" encompass all arrangements involving two or more owners, including tenancy-in-common and joint tenancy. TIC ownership structure is preferable when Section 1031 investments are preferred or desired.

Access to sources of Capital and Financing

The Profile Group will both source capital or provide capital as an alternative to conventional real estate financing sources for existing organizations interested in building a new facility.

Due-diligence, investment and market analysis

Profile Capital has a team of professionals with a diversity of experience and skill sets enabling us to provide various levels of due diligence. Reports are available for third parties. Reports can be generated for individual investors, Trusts looking to evaluate diversification within their portfolios, or institutional investors looking for an outside opinion. Financial institutions or investors may wish to retain Profile Capital, LLC to help in preparing any number of financial reports or projections for individual real estate properties, projects or economic sectors. This might include data bases to be used in quarterly reserve requirement calculations or other types of industry specific reports. Members of Profile Capital, LLC will meet with interested parties to establish a project RFP to determine the specific needs and expectations of clients. Profile will supply a contract price and a fixed time line for the anticipated report.

Distressed Situations

Profile Capital, LLC, is actively looking for distressed situations. Profile works with owners or lenders to provide professional and timely management services in these situations. When appropriate, Profile will invest in specific situations providing the capital and management necessary to turn the distressed situation around. Profile will enter each situation with a well-defined exit strategy, as these types of investments or project assignments are intended to be short term in nature.

Personalized and attentive client service

  • Individually detailed, long-term and short-term individual real estate investment goal plans (IREIG)
  • Section 1031 Exchange Solutions
  • Professional (discreet) personal owner representation
  • Preparation of property specific business plans

The Profile Capital, LLC management team brings together a broad range of experience and training from the commercial real estate and finance industry. Profile Capital, LLC will endeavor to operate with total transparency to its clients, and expects to be judged by its commitment to honesty, integrity and financial results.