About Profile Capital

Profile Capital was formed in 2010 by Michael C. Claflin, Andrew P. Smith and Kimberly M. Butler, who had worked together professionally for ten+ years and saw the potential in their synergy and experience.

Profile Capital will always operate with complete transparency to its clients, and is committed to honesty, integrity and financial results.

Profile Capital Founders

Company Summary

Based in Littleton, New Hampshire, Profile Capital, LLC provides seasoned, professional real estate services within the New England area. Profile Capital is a consulting firm specializing in real estate analysis, investment and financing solutions. The firm provides the specific tools and services necessary - from assistance in fine tuning an investment strategy, to analyzing investment scenarios, or by providing access to real estate investment opportunities - to allow clients, members and partners achieve their real estate investment objectives.

We believe opportunities in real estate exist in today's volatile markets. Real estate investment has the potential to generate returns for investors in a number of ways, including cash flow, tax benefits and capital appreciation.

Specifically, Profile has identified a significant local interest in diversifying personal investment portfolios with an allocation to real estate assets. The appeal of a syndicated type investment is strong, and it is this specific demographic and market that Profile intends to target. Profile's challenge is to provide the high quality real estate investments that partners and investors will require, and absolutely deserve. Given its experienced and seasoned management team, Profile is uniquely qualified to meet this challenge and has positioned itself to do so.

In sum, Profile will provide:

  1. Access to real estate investment opportunities across New England
  2. Exceptional due-diligence, investment and market analysis
  3. Personalized and attentive client service
  4. Commitment to the long term success of all clients, members and partners